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Bello’s Market is an authentic butcher and is best known as the Home of the Filet. Here you’ll find ten different varieties of fresh sausage, including Smith’s Hot Dogs, as well as in-store butchers providing fresh cuts of meat, poultry, and seafood every day. Ask for any cut of meat you need – anything from the most delicate filet mignon to a massive ox roast.

Our highly-trained employees prepare sausages, custom cuts of meat, poultry, and fish every day. We set ourselves at an exceptional standard, ensuring that all of the feat and fish we prepare is fresh, good-looking, and good tasting. If you need a custom cut, a custom seasoning, or advice on preparation, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Need something on the vegetarian side?

Our produce market will always give you’re the freshest fruits and vegetables available. Come by and sample our tasty, great-looking produce – we guarantee you’ll always find it to be among the best you’ve tasted. That’s because we inspect every single vegetable and piece of fruit that comes into our store, and we always use provide farm-fresh, seasonal, local, and sustainable selections.

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